Teletext art of blue cat playing with red hat on yellow background
Teletext art of blue cat turned away from an empty white plate on cyan background

Milo was a cat
Who got so very fat
That the vet would say
“Only one meal a day”
Which is why he ate my hat.

When Milo lost some weight
He slipped out through the gate
But I had a hunch
He’d be back by lunch
To steal it from my plate.


When things seem rather out of hand,
For me, I’m in a wonderland,
Your clothes are lying in a heap,
But really that’s just Bo Peep’s sheep,
The cornflakes spilled around the house,
Is food set out for a cartoon mouse,
And when I jump upon the bed,
It’s a bouncy castle in my head,
So don’t get cross, don’t get mad,
Just think of all the fun I’ve had.

I Don’t Want to Get Up

I don’t want to get up,
It’s warm in my bed,
And besides which,
There are dreams in my head.

I don’t want to get up,
I can’t find my clothes,
Only ripped trousers,
And I’m not wearing those.

I don’t want to get up,
There’s nothing to eat,
The dog ate my cornflakes,
Instead of his meat.

I don’t want to get up,
I can’t go to school,
There’s a very good reason,
I’ll think of it soon.

The Problem

Poem on photo of balls of yarn.

I’ve a problem here,
Of the feline sort;
Your cat, my dear,
It’s she I caught,
Stealing the wool,
From my knitting bag.
(It used to be full,
But I don’t like to nag.)
If it could be returned,
When she’s done with it,
My thanks you’ll have earned,
As I’d quite like to knit.


Poem on graphic background of reflections on water.

William went to school,
Every day as a rule.
One day he was late,
And snuck past the gate,
Ending up down at the pool.

William dived right in,
Not knowing how to swim.
He just splashed around,
Afraid he might drown,
And made a terrible din.

William’s good today,
He never goes astray.
He sits at his desk,
Not telling the rest,
What really happened that day.

Photoshop Brushes by Alenet21tutos
and by pixelstains