Teletext art of blue cat playing with red hat on yellow background
Teletext art of blue cat turned away from an empty white plate on cyan background

Milo was a cat
Who got so very fat
That the vet would say
“Only one meal a day”
Which is why he ate my hat.

When Milo lost some weight
He slipped out through the gate
But I had a hunch
He’d be back by lunch
To steal it from my plate.

The Problem

Poem on photo of balls of yarn.

I’ve a problem here,
Of the feline sort;
Your cat, my dear,
It’s she I caught,
Stealing the wool,
From my knitting bag.
(It used to be full,
But I don’t like to nag.)
If it could be returned,
When she’s done with it,
My thanks you’ll have earned,
As I’d quite like to knit.

Molly and Polly

Poem on photo of daisies.

This story is all about Molly,
Who got a pet parrot named Polly,
But the bird did not talk,
She wouldn’t even squawk,
But Molly still thought she was jolly.

Then one day when Molly felt sad,
She told her mum and her dad,
She’d go for a walk,
While they taught Polly to talk,
And when they agreed she was glad.

As she picked some daisies for stringing,
She heard the telephone ringing,
So when she got home,
She ran to the phone,
But found it was just Polly singing.